NTKIX DeFi Token

Ntkix DeFi is a TRC20 based Asset and a Tron Based Ecosystem itself . Ntkix DeFi (NTK) Will be Used in our own EcoSystem, Pepship and in Many other Payment Marketplaces. NTK will have a staking feature too where it's users will get 1% Increase on Their Total Portfolio . This will allow users to get passive income and will stabilize the price of NTK.

NTKIX DeFi Token
NTKIX DeFi Token

Ntkix Mission

Our Aim is to Create a Payment Ecosystem with the Lowest Fees And Fast Transfers . Which is only possible on Tron blockchain . So Ntkix will be the future of payment system .

NTKIX are farmed by staking specific Tokens (Farming Tokens). Farming Tokens can be staked and unstaken at any time, no Tokens can be lost during the operations, Which Helps Stabilise the Price and Reward the Holders.



Token Name: NTKIX
Token Ticker: NTK
Token Standard: TRC20 /Tron platform
Decimal: 6
Max. Supply: 70,000.00
Pre-Sale Stage 1 20000 : 10 NTK ~ 100 TRX
Justswap Listing 20000 : 10 NTK ~ 125 TRX
Team Token 10000 NTK Locked for 6Months
Marketing and Airdrop 10000 NTK
Staking 10000 NTK