Project Management Training (Free Online)

Project Management Training (Free Online)

Training Description

As project manager, having to juggle staff, customers, suppliers, materials and equipment to deliver your project may be challenging. To be successful, you need to use a well-structured methodology to initiate, plan, execute and close projects effectively. This training will therefore provide a handful of best-practice project management methodologies by actually describing in detail how to complete each phase, activity and task. This training will explain the entire project life cycle in detail, and trainees will understand how to use simple, practical processes to deliver their projects successfully. Whether you intend to initiate, plan, implement or close a project, this training will explain how to do it quickly and efficiently. It also provides a comprehensive description of each of the critical project activities, as well as more than 100 tables, diagrams, forms and checklists containing real-life examples to assist trainees along the way. This training teaches project management techniques to trainees, from project initiation to project closure. The trainees will identify the characteristics and attributes of the project, the steps and variables of the project management process, the effects of environmental, socio-economic and organizational structure issues and the responsibilities of the project manager.

Training Objective

At the end of the training, the trainees will learn:

core project management concepts;
about project management roles;
how to define and initiate a project;
how to verify the project scope and implement change control;
how to schedule tasks and estimate resource requirements;
how to estimate project and resource costs;
how to implement quality and change control mechanisms;
how to manage and respond to risk;
how to execute the project plan and track progress;
how to monitor and control project progress; and
how to close a project successfully?
Training Content

Overview of Project Management
The Project Life Cycle
Project Initiation
Project Planning
Project Execution
Project Closure
Project Monitoring and Evaluation
Who will attend the training?

Project managers and other interested individuals working in a company or individual project may participate in this training. They are expected to communicate in both English and Amharic. Both Amharic and English will be used when we discuss concepts in live discussions.

Training Methodology

Since training participants are adults with a lot of experience, trainers will use participatory and adult learning approaches to govern the training process. We will use on-line lectures, discussions, dialogue, chat, practical exercises and sharing of experience.

Assessment Criteria and Methods

Proactive online assessment lesson by lesson.


We are happy to deliver the training free of charge. We will provide certification to those who are interested and successfully completed the training. Trainees must submit online quizzes for each section and final assessment after the training is completed. We will ask you to pay a hundred and fifty Birr for administration and printing issues.

Schedule of Training
This training is about 60 hours of training. We’re going to talk live for 120 minutes every week for 10 weeks. The remaining hours will be covered by trainees reading the training material and working on practical exercises. Additional videos will be uploaded during delivery of the course. The training will begin on 15 September 2020 at 1:00 p.m.

It's also going to be available live on Facebook.


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